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We are a Local Family Owned Business that believes in old fashion values: your word is your bond; a handshake matters & quality work with superb customer service is our guarantee!

Here is What We Promise

  • Fast response and always on time.
  • Our Electricians are State Certified & Licensed.
  • Fast Turnaround time! Our technician will arrive at your door within 60-90 minutes of faster.
  • Our technicians are professional, well-organized & efficient and always clean after themeselves.
  • No Hidden Fees EVER!We will NEVER start a job without your written approval.
  • Your safety is Our Top Concern! Every electrician has passed extensive background, drug and state certification tests.
  • We Guarantee Work! If you are not happy, just call us and we will fix...thats our promise to you!

Are high air conditioning costs cutting into your budget? You can save a significant amount of money with whole house fans in Southern California from Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. In fact, whole house fans allow you to cut your electricity use by up to 80%. This is good for the environment and good for your utility bill costs.

At Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co., we install the highest quality whole house fans so you can cool your home quickly and effectively.

Benefits of Our Whole House Fans

Our whole house fans perform two main functions. First, they push hot air from the hottest areas of your home to the outdoors. Second, they pull in cool air from the outdoors and circulate it through your home. These fans can supplement the work of your air conditioner, so you won’t need to run it at full capacity. On milder days, they can completely replace the air conditioner to cool the entire home.

The fans we offer at Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co. use just 400 to 600 watts of electricity. In fact, they cost less than eight cents an hour to run. Our best option is a large-capacity fan. This large fan produces less noise than a small fan running at high speed. We also install rubber and felt gaskets to dampen the fan’s noise.

Our technicians can also improve your fan’s functioning by installing insulated covers around the opening for the fan. Insulated covers prevent cold air from entering during the winter and heat from escaping during the summer. Thus, we pay attention to every detail as we install your whole house fan.

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